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Promises is a documentary that takes place in Jerusalem, which is a city with enormous significance for the two important religions of the world, which are Judaism and Islamism. Living in Jerusalem is not easy, for it is a region of great military conflict. It is in principle dominated and populated by the Jewish. It is, however, constantly harassed by terrorist attacks by fanatical islamists.

The documentary describes the reality of the Jewish-Palestinian conflict by following seven children through their daily routines. We are introduced to Daniel and Yarko, Israeli boys living in west Jerusalem; Shlomo, who lives in a Jewish quarter in Jerusalem, Orthodox, son of a Jewish rabbi; Moishe, who lives in Beit-El in the West-Bank; Faraj, son of Palestinian refugees; Mahmoud, who is a son of a merchant in Muslim quarter of the Old City; and lastly Sanabel Hassan, Palestinian, that lives in the Deheishe refuge camp, whose father is in prison by political reasons. Also her late brother was in prison.

Sanabel is the child that I can associate the most. She is a courageous girl with a very mature outlook at the world. She defends that if we are to change the world into a more peaceful place in the future, we should put all our attention on the younger generation. Old people have had their chance to make good choices and have failed badly, but the children still have a chance to grow and develop into saner or more peaceful human beings, without so the prejudice and hatred of today's adults that fueled the Jewish-Palestinian conflict.

Almost all of them had their lives affected by having a relative suffer in events related with the Conflict. Some of the children may lead more comfortable, secure lives, some may live in more harsh conditions, like Faraj, that lives in a refugee camp. It doesn't matter if the child is jewish or palestinian, he or she feels at the same time fear and curiosity about the other side.

Conversation is essential in all human relations, but specially in this case, where so much hatred and prejudice is involved, communication is much needed. Children are easily influenced by their parents views, which are often marked by suffering inflicted onto them during the conflict between jews and palestinians. If a child has no opportunity to experience the truth through the eyes of people they don't know, he or she will probably end up having preconceived ideas that are do more harm than good. This situation of lack of communication exacerbate and, most importantly, perpetuate misunderstandings.

The moment the children started to communicate with each other, they were visibly suspicious, but very open, because that is how children are anywhere in the world. They started to notice much more their similarities and affinities than their differences. Some even started - unfortunately short-lived - friendships. Curiosity and, maybe a humanist would say, the inherent good faith of the children fueled conversation and brought unexpected revelations to them.

I couldn't possibly compare my daily challenges to those of the children in Jerusalem, who have to deal with death, war and terrorism in a daily basis at a scary proximity. They live whichever way they can, but they never really feel carefree.

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''What does it take for someone to move from a position of hate and racism to a position of tolerance and respect like the transformation that occurred in Derek?'' 

Today we're going to talk about the movie ''American History X''  that tells about two brother's called Derek and Danny that both had skinheads and neo-nazism influence. One of these brothers, more specifically Derek, go to the jail for three years because he murder two black guys that were trying to revenge the basketball match that they lost for their friends and him. After he left the prison he tries to prevent his brother to don't go to the same path that he passes, because he see that it wasn't this way that he can revenge something in his life.

One of the factors is well described in the movie were racism with the disrespect that we can clearly watch on the basketball game where friends of Derek spoke such the area was not welcome to the african descendants.
I think with the experiences that Derek had in prison, he feelt that he didnt need to do what he did to revenge the death of his father. Since he after an interaction with a person of another race and by coincidence one african along his years on prison, he established a friendship with an african who showed himself that don't have a superior race in the world, like the concept of ''Master Race'' of Adolf Hitler
The changing of the racism to a neutral way of think it only could change only when the person suffer the same actions that he was done to an another. but sometimes we need to think that the person only had the racism because he was influenced.

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Why Student's Hate School and What I'm Going to do About it?

In my point of view, nowadays students hate school because they’re think that this way of thinking it's not proportional for the twentieth century with a lot of technological tolls that we can use to the classes get more interesting, or basically the school system, but of course that this way of thinking effect only the student’s and not their parent’s and the hole school, like teacher’s and principal’s.

One of the ways that I mention to change this stage of hating school is to introduce more interactive classes with technological tolls like tablets, that some schools already have been using but I think this it’s not the best way of making this interesting because with the so many varieties that the tablets have, some student’s probably could use it with a wrong way, but always have another chance like using touch table’s with the main subject to make more interaction classes.
The other hand we have the idea of the school system, we all know that everyone like your father or even your grandfather have been using the same system of taught, but one school of Sweden, called Telefonplan School, designed the school to encourage both independent and collaborative work such as group projects and with different furniture’s and different rooms that students can use with your own desire.
With that way of studying could be more interesting to the students gets more focus and to be prepared to their life’s with the independent works’ that they give. I think the only thing that I can do to the student’s not hate school its support the idea of the school system or to the more technological interaction system.

sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2013

  The Map tests boycott on Garfield High school shows that for the fisrt time parentes, students and teachers  entered into a agreement and this bound ibetwen then its good to create a better future education.
  The Garfield High School students are correct about the Boycott because i think in the 21st century we should be aware that the map tests are not the best way to evaluate the ability of an student in every school, because with so much technology that we have today and many tools we can use for example ePortfolios, that shows all your improvement along your school years and your ideas and conceptions that you have about the entire world, the midia apresentation that could show your compreention about the subject that you are studying and this tools are more interesting than the older way of studying.
  However the possibility of benchmark (the process of comparing one's business processes and performance metrics to industry bests or best practices from other industries) its necessary for the development of the student. He needs this possibility for auto-evaluation, because the knowledge of weak spots and strengths is the real key for real improvement. So maybe the real way to achieve the optimal future for all of us is creating a new way of checking our stats being not a obligation, but a tool for us to use during the school days showing every day what we need to study more and what we are good; ending with a optimal score and a knowledge of what we will possible like to do on the future. 

domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

                              "What does the re-election of President Barack Obama mean for me and the world?"

The re-election of Obama in 2012 was an very impressive event for me because during the counting of the results i was very impressed that Romney was winning. But sadly i didn't see all the counting, when i was in school i had an notice that Obama won the election, i think that he deserves to win because of his history and his knowledge of speching and his desmonstration of responsibility that he have.
The notice of the re-elecion of Obama should have been seen with good intentions for all countries of the world. Since with a prudent president, the others countries may have more tranquility of not having a big war.
Although he won with a little difference of votes, the americans shows that  prefers one man who shows confidence about his choices, but the most important thing that he have is the respect with all types of countries.